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CNCEC Listed in “2013 Top 100 Jinniu Award for PRC Listed Companies”
PUBLISHED: 2014-08-28
China National Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNCEC) takes prize for 26th in “The 16th (2013) Top 100 “Jin’niu Award for PRC Listed Companies”  held by China Securities Journal.
“Jin’niu Award for PRC Listed Companies” has been held annually for 16 years. The award takes several indexes such as company revenue, market value, recent three years’ revenue & net profit growth and total return to shareholders as assessment criteria.
The Jin’niu Listed Companies all have high revenues on one hand, and on the other hand their net profit rate is higher than the overall rate of all PRC listed companies. It fully shows that CNCEC is at the forefront in respect of company scale, development speed and return to shareholders.
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