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PUBLISHED: 2015-06-01
Mr. Yu Jinbo, CEO of CNCEC visited Mr. President of Republic of Tatarstan in Tatarstan government office building on May 11th, Mr. Su Fuqiang, chairman of CC-7 also attended this meeting. CC-7 is one of CNCEC’s wholly owned subsidiaries.
Mr. Yu expressed that the TAF project undertaken by CNCEC will start full-operation by the end of July, 2015. It is the first project cooperated between CNCEC and Republic of Tatarstan, and it will be a milestone of our long-term partnership. He also extended CNCEC’s earnest wish in cooperating with Tatarstan government or companies in the field of chemical, petroleum and natural gas etc. During the meeting, Mr. Yu and Mr. President expressed their gratitude for the support and trust between each other respectively. Meanwhile, Mr. Yu invited Mr. President to visit CNCEC headquarter and CC-7 with company delegation.
Mr. President expressed that CNCEC and CC-7 have done perfect work on TAF project, it is the sample of large-scale investing projects. He himself will visit the project site in the near future.
During the meeting, Mr. Sabirov R.K, President Assistant and Mr. Long Haiyang, vice president of CC-7 have discussed issues on establishing a team to study chemical construction environment and work in Tatarstan.
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