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CWCEC Received FAC of PJA Project (Phase I) and PAC of PKG Project (Phase II) in Indonesia
PUBLISHED: 2015-08-24
On Aug 17th, 2015, a PAC (Preliminary Acceptance Certificate) award ceremony was held at the site of PKG Project (Phase II, 200,000t/a phosphoric acid) in Indonesia. The project was undertaken by CWCEC in EPC mode, president of CWCEC attended the ceremony.
At the same day, CWCEC also received FAC (final acceptance certificate) of PJA Project (Phase I, 200,000t/a phosphoric acid) from the owner. The project contract was signed in January, 2012, and the construction period is 959 days.
This February, CWCEC signed another EPC contract on PKG 600,000t/a ammonia and 520,000t/a urea project (Phase III) in Indonesia.
CWCEC has won three EPC bidding continuously in Indonesia, which has greatly raised CNCEC and CWCEC’s brand awareness in the market.
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