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References of International Engineering
PUBLISHED: 2014-05-28
References of International Engineering
Owner Designation of Project Product & Scale Country Location Contract Completion Time
China National Complete Plant Import and Export Corp.Ltd. Ethiopia fertilizer project 110,000t/a synthetic ammonia & 180,000t/a urea Ethiopia   FS  
Vietnam Chemcial Fertilizer Factory Fertilizer Plant 300,000t/a synthetic ammonia & 520,000t/a urea Vietnam   FS  
Pakistan 90,000t/a calcium carbide,60,000t/a PVC 90,000t/a calcium carbide,60,000t/a PVC 90,000t/a calcium carbide,60,000t/a PVC Pakistan   EP 2008
Pakistan 90,000t/a calcium carbide,60,002t/a PVC 90,000t/a calcium carbide,60,002t/a PVC 100,000t/a calcium carbide,60,002t/a PVC Pakistan   EP  
PARCO Refinery Ltd. Pakistan PARCO diesel fuel hydrogenation project 26,000 barrels/day oil refinery Pakistan   EPC  
SULFURIN.CO. soda phase II 200,000t/a soda Iran   EPC 2004
Turkey ETI Co. Turkey trona project 1,000,000t/a trona Turkey   EPC 2008
Nur Industrial & Chemical Co. 40,000t/a hydrogen peroxide solution   Iran   EP  
Bosphorus Nickel Madencilik Ticaret Turkey sulphuric acid project   Turkey   EPC 2009
ENGRO Energy Ltd Pakistan power plant 230MW Pakistan   EPC 2009
ENGRO Vopak Terminal Ltd. Pakistan ethylene tankfarm ethylene tankfarm Pakistan   EPC 2008
Pakistan Fatima Chemical Fertilizer Co. 450,000t/a seondhand nitric acid 450,000t/a nitric acid Pakistan   dismanting supervision & technical service  
Isfham Petrochemical Factory of Iran National Petrolum Corporation isopropyl benzene 138,000t/a isopropyl benzene 138,000t/a Iran Isfham EP  
Bengal National Chemical Industry Co. Bengal 240,000t/a diammonium phosphate project   Bengal Chittagong EPC 2006
Iran Karoon Phosphate Fertilizer Co. Iran 50,000t/a sodium tripolyphosphate project   Iran Abadan EP 2007
Indonesia Jawa Tengah CILACAP2??300MW coal-fired power plant Project Coal-burning Power plant Project 2??300MW thermalelectricity Indonesia   EPC 2006
Water Supply Corporation of Iraq Ministry of Internal Affairs UM-QASR water treatment factory   Iraq   EP 2003
P&G (Japan) Co. 20t/hour detergent powder unit project   Japan   E 2006
Pakistan DHCL Co.,Ltd Urea engineering 450,000t/a urea Pakistan   EPC 2004
Vietnam National Petrolum Natural Gas Group Ca Mau 1350t/day synthetic ammonia & 2650t/day urea project 450,000t/a synthetic ammonia & 800,000t/a urea Vietnam   EPC 2011
Tunisia TIFERT Co. 360,000t/a concern phosphoric acid & fluorine recover project   Tunisia   EPC 2010
Pakistan ENGRO Chemical Ltd. 100,000t/a NPK project   Pakistan   EPC 2001
Iraq Basra Oil Terminals oil terminal engineering design 72000m3 crude oil Iraq   E 2006
China Chemical Industry Import & Export Corporation(United Arab Emirates) Natural Gas Utilization Project 800,000t/a methanol United Arab Emirates   feasibility Study 2003
Indonesia Palembang 150MW-GFCC power plant project Palembang power plant project 150MW thermal-electricity Indonesia   EPC 2005
Indonesia National Power Co. Indonesia LABUWAN2X300MW coal-burning power station project coal-fired plant 2??300MW Indonesia   EPC 2011
Anzhong International Petrolum Co.,Ltd Mozambique 5000MT/D????cement product line   Mozambique   C  
Saudi Arabia Europ Petro-chemical Co.,Ltd(IBN-ZAHR) 400,000t/a polypropylene project 400,000t/a polypropylene saudi Arabia     2008
Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation Quang Ngai province Dung Quat Oil Refinery installation for 6,500,000t/a oil refinery 6,500,000t/a oil refinery Vietnam Quang Ngai C 2008
Sri Lanka National Petroleum Corporation M tankfarm & airport refuelling bin engineering 160,000M3 tankfarm Sri Lanka Colombo C 2003
ETI SODA company in Turkey 2??500kt/y heavy caliclined alkali project 500kt/y heavy caliclined alkali Turkey   Professional Contract 2008
Pakistan FATIMA CO,Ltd Pakistan FATIMA Chemical Fertilizer Plant 450,000t/a synthetic ammonia & 450,000t/a urea Pakistan   C Ongoing
Pakistan FATIMA Chemical Fertilizer Plant Chemical Fertilizer Plant 450,000t/a nitric acid Pakistan   C Ongoing
Pakistan FATIMA Chemical Fertilizer Plant Chemical Fertilizer Plant 320,000t/a ammonium nitrate Pakistan   C Ongoing
China National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation Pakistan EPCL PVC Project 100,000t/a Caustic Soda 50,000t/a PVC Pakistan Karachi C 2009
Saudi J&P Company Saudi NUAYYIM Crude Oil Increment Facility project 2000,000t/a oil refining saudi Arabia   C 2008
Zhongxin International Cooperative Co,Ltd Additional Agreement of Uzbekistan Kucrial Soda Plant 100,000t/a soda Uzbekistan Kucrial C 2006
Pile Foundation & Phase Project-?? of Sylhet 90MW Power Plant Pile Foundation & Phase Project-?? of 90MW Power Plant 90MW Bengal Sylhet C 2008
Saudi kayan Petroleum Co. installation engineering for EO/EG Plant of Saudi Kayan integration project 800,000t/a epoxy alcohol saudi Arabia   C  
Vietnam Petroleum Natural Gas Corporation Vietnam Yung Orange 6,500,000t/a kerosene plant 6,500,000t/a kerosene Vietnam   D  
the 2nd Engineering Co. of China National Petroleum Natural Gas Piping construction contract for Sudan LPG spherical tanks project LPG spherical tanks Sudan   C 2005
Vietnamese Vopak company Appv Terminal Phase 2 Expansion Project 40,000m3 tankfarm Vietnam Vietnamese C 2007
Hefei Cement Research & Design Institue Vietnam Fate River cement 1,500T/day cement clinker product line project 1500T/day Vietnam Fate River C 2006
China Zhongcai International Engineering Co.,ltd Vietnam Kung-ching cement Co.,Ltd 2,500t/d cement clinker product line 2500t/d Vietnam Kung-ching C 2007
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