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References of Organic Acid
PUBLISHED: 2014-05-28
References of Organic Acid
Owner Designation of Project Product & Scale Country Location Contract Completion Time
China Shenma Group Co., Ltd (Henan Pingdingshan) 100,000t/a oxalic acid project 100,000t/a oxalic acid China Henan E 2005
Wuhan Youji Factory Engineering Design for ATO phenylacetic acid ATO phenylacetic acid China Hubei ?? 1999
Shanghai Huayi Acrylic Acid Co.,Ltd frame engineering of expansion project for 70,000t/a acrylic acid 70,000t/a acrylic acid China Shanghai C 2005
Zhuhai BP Chemical Co.,Ltd Pure Terephthalic Acid ??Phase II?? 900,000t/a PTA China Guangdong C 2007
Zhangjiagang Beixing Chemcial Co.,Ltd TPP Project 30,000t/a TPP China Zhejiang C 2008
Kaifeng Dongda Group 10,000 t/a chlorosulfonic acid Project 110,000 t/a chlorosulfonic acid China Henan C ??
China SHENMA Group Nylon 66 Salt Co., Ltd complete project of nylon 66 salt 200,000t/a nylon 66 salt China Henan C 2007
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