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References of Grease Project
PUBLISHED: 2014-05-28
References of Grease Project (Domectic)
Owner Designation of Project Product & Scale Location Contract Completion Time
Mobil PetroluemTianjin Co.,Ltd.Tianjing Lubricating Oil lubricating oil and lubricating grease project 47.7kt/a lubricating oil ;47.7kt/a lubricating grease  Tianjin EPCM 1997
Shandong Dongyue Chemical Co.,Ltd Shandong Dongyue 120kt/a PVC Resin Project 120kt/a PVC Resin Shandong E 2009
CNOOC Refine and Petrochemical Co.,Ltd CNOOC Huizhou 300kt/a ABS,70kt/a SBR FSR+PAR 300kt/a ABS,70kt/a SBR Guangdong FS Project Application Report 2008
Dongying Hi-tech Co.,Ltd 10kt/a DMC Project 10kt/a DMC Shandong E 2003
Bayer Corporation(Germany) SCAC Polyisocyanate Project 8kt/a Polyisocyanate Shanghai FS 2000
Asahi Kasei Corporation(Japan) Polyformaldehyde Resin Project 40kt/a Polyformaldehyde Resin Jiangsu Project Proposal 2000
Dargon Special Resin Co., Ltd Hot Coal Furnance and Accessories 320kt/a Resin Fujian C 2004
Zhejiang Dongyuan Oil Chemical Co.,Ltd 60kt/a Oil and Fat Refining,Main Equipment Installation 60kt/a Oil and Fat Zhejiang ?? 2006
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